Construction Defect Litigation Lawyer

Construction defect injuries are not something to take lightly. However, the problem is that some builders and employers try to do just that, and avoid paying their injured workers the funds for which they are responsible.

If you’re a construction worker and you’ve been injured, don’t let your employer or insurance company bully you into believing that they don’t have to pay out pertinent expenses. Fight back against them with Cronin Trial Lawyers by your side. We also have a team of personal injury lawyers prepared to represent our clients who were injured off the job.

We represent injured construction workers from all throughout the Greater Philadelphia and NJ areas, including the City of Philadelphia, Atlantic County, Essex County and all points in between. Injured construction workers from far and wide seek us out because we have a winning track record, and the resources to stand up against the construction companies that neglect to treat you appropriately.


Need a Construction Defect Litigation Lawyer?

Then look no further. We know construction defect injury laws in and out, and will do what it takes to prove to the courts that your employer is at fault for your injuries.

We understand that the time post-accident can be stressful. You may be upset and frustrated by the sea of paperwork and medical bills, and anxious about being unable to get back to work. We make it our priority to relieve some of your stresses on the legal side of things, and will fight tirelessly for proper compensation.

In some instances, you may be able to settle your case before having to go to trial, but if you do find yourself in a courthouse, you’ll be glad to have the attorneys at Cronin Trial Lawyers by your side. Our litigation lawyers are the best in the business, and know how to persuade a courtroom and prove your perpetrators wrong.

In more extreme cases, your accident may cause you to need a brain injury lawyer—which is also one of our areas of expertise.

The laws pertaining to construction injuries can be tricky to navigate. If you were injured on the jobsite, it can be due to a number of reasons. Did your employer fail to implement safety policies that led to your accident? Did you fail to adhere to safety policies that were in fact set in place? Who’s at fault and who’s not? If you were injured on a construction site, call us today to schedule a complimentary consultation with our litigation lawyers, and we’ll go over your incident in detail to determine whether you have a solid case—and make a plan of action from there.

No attorney can guarantee the outcome of a trial, but if we believe you have a strong case, we’ll work hard to try and get you all the compensation you deserve. And our winning track record goes to show why clients from Philadelphia, Atlantic County, Essex County and elsewhere in NJ choose to be represented by Cronin Trial Lawyers when it comes to their construction accident injuries. Call us today at 215-751-9001 to get started.