Jury Trial Referrals

You will find that referring your case to us for a jury trial is a wise decision. We are happy to accept cases from litigation attorneys and will fight for the best possible outcome.

Joseph D. Cronin’s skill in a courtroom setting has earned respect from judges and juries alike, and his experience will prove invaluable for your case. A partnership with Cronin Trial Lawyers can result in a better outcome for the client.

Our attorneys take many cases to verdict and will provide premier legal services for personal injuries, auto accidents, worker’s compensation, medical malpractice, commercial disputes, civil rights violations, nursing home accidents and much more.

If you find that you lack the resources for a particular case, we will work with you on the case and provide the counsel you are seeking.

You can rely on Cronin Trial Lawyers to provide excellent representation. Request a jury trial referral and discuss consulting by contacting us today. We encourage you to give us a call or fill out a contact form on our website.