Arbitration & Mediation

At Cronin Trial Lawyers, we fight on your behalf and offer a wide variety of legal services. In addition to litigation, we offer alternative dispute resolutions such as arbitration and mediation for our clients.

Our firm has handled many cases that have required arbitration and mediation techniques to resolve a dispute. A law firm’s ability to mediate and arbitrate is valuable, as it can speed up the resolution of a case and cost less than a lengthy trial.

In case you are unsure if you need arbitration and mediation services, here are some differences.


Arbitration: Arbitration is defined as when multiple parties decide to have a neutral third party resolve their dispute outside of the courtroom. Arbitrators are normally more flexible in their proceedings and how they decide. An arbitrator or panel of arbitrators will listen to each side’s argument, and will study the evidence and the given testimonies before making a decision. In arbitration cases, the right to appeal is limited in contrast to litigation.


Mediation: Mediation is a more informal conflict resolution process. As opposed to a third party making a decision, a mediator does not possess the ability to render a decision, but instead guides both parties toward a settlement. This voluntary process is marked by compromise and ends with a mutually agreeable settlement.


By choosing Cronin Trial Lawyers, you are opting to go with experience. Attorney Joseph D. Cronin regularly sits as a Judge Pro Tempore for the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, assisting lawyers on how to resolve their cases. He has also been hired to help mediate and arbitrate cases.

If you are interested in Cronin Trial Lawyers’ arbitration and mediation services and believe you have an appropriate case, we encourage you to contact us today by calling us at 215-751-9001 or filling out a contact form.