Drunk Driving Accidents

Thousands of people are injured or killed in car accidents involving a drunk driver each year. You or a loved one might be driving home from work or a social event when suddenly another car violently collides with yours. Because they were intoxicated, the other driver may have run a red light, swerved or otherwise ignored the rules of the road, causing an accident. Unfortunately, the consequences can be severe and even fatal.

Drunk driving car accidents not only cause extensive damage to the vehicles involved, but they may also cause serious injury to the drivers and passengers. While the drunk driver typically has insurance to cover the loss, it is not always enough to compensate the victim and their family.

Another factor to consider is that others may be at fault for the accident besides the driver. For example, if the bartender at a bar or restaurant was not paying attention, he or she may have served the guest too much alcohol. If the person was visibly intoxicated, the establishment could be at fault for continuing to serve them liquor. An experienced attorney will be able to examine the factors surrounding the accident and advocate on your behalf.

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