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We all love dogs—they’re man’s best friend, after all. But sometimes, through no fault of their own, our favorite furry friends go untrained, unsupervised, neglected or generally improperly cared for, making them more prone to lash out at strangers when they feel afraid.

If you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, you may suffer a dog bite, which can cause serious injuries that lead to a slew of consequences. New Jersey has strict laws to protect people who are bitten by dogs. If you’re bitten by one in Camden County, NJ, or surrounding areas, our dog bite lawyers are ready to help you.


These are the facts about New Jersey’s dog bite statute:


On what location(s) is the dog bite statute in effect? The statute applies to persons bitten on public property, or on private property which the victim was legally occupying at the time of incident. If you were bitten by a dog while illegally occupying private property, the statute does not apply and the dog’s owner is not responsible for your subsequent injuries. Otherwise, the owner is at fault.


Who’s responsible for your dog bite? If you were bitten on one of the above stated premises, the dog’s owner is responsible for the bite you incurred.


What if the dog has never bitten someone before? It doesn’t matter. The statute applies to first-time offenders as well as owners whose dogs have bitten people in the past.


What if the owner wasn’t around to see it/the dog was under a non-owner’s supervision/the dog was unsupervised? The statute still applies. The dog’s owner does not have to be present at the scene during the time of incident to be held responsible for your bite injuries.


What if the owner tried to prevent the incident, but was unsuccessful? The owner is still responsible. The New Jersey dog bite statute is a strict liability statute, meaning there is no leeway in the law—even if the owner took measures to prevent the incident.


What if I was injured by a dog, but wasn’t bitten? The statute only applies to bites. However, you may very well have been injured by a dog in a different way, in which case you can sue for negligence.


Pennsylvania’s dog bite laws are similar to, yet slightly more complicated than, New Jersey’s. If you’ve been bitten by a dog in Pennsylvania, call Cronin Trial Lawyers, and we’ll schedule a consultation and go through your case in detail.


Whether you live in Camden County, NJ, Greater Philadelphia or anywhere in between, if you were bitten by a dog and suffered injuries, we want to help you fight to earn the compensation to which you are rightfully entitled. Here at Cronin Trial Lawyers, our team of personal injury lawyers knows the ins and outs of tort law in PA and NJ as it pertains to dog bites.

Our dog bite lawyers have winning track records. Call us today for a complimentary consultation and your fighting chance for recuperating your medical and other expenses.