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As the Philadelphia and South Jersey areas become a booming hub of business, both business owners and their employees are in need of options for comprehensive legal protection, more so than ever before. In addition to practicing personal injury law, Cronin Trial Lawyers specializes in commercial litigation cases. Such cases tend to be as delicate as they are complex, and often come saddled with high financial stakes.

Clients turn to us for commercial litigation assistance after disputes regarding breach of contract or other violations that overstep contractual restrictions and put one party’s livelihood at risk. Some examples of the areas of commercial litigation in which we work are listed below:


Breach of Contract

If you have fulfilled your duties according to a written or oral contract, but the other party involved in the contract has not upheld their duties in terms of action or payment, you may be entitled to legal relief in the form of a settlement. Our business lawyers have experience fighting for consequential, punitive, liquidated and nominal damages on behalf of parties who have suffered the outcome of a violated contract.


Covenant Not to Compete

A covenant not to compete is defined as an agreement not to work for the other party’s direct competition within the parameters of a specific geographic area and time period. Cronin Trial Lawyers has extensive experience representing clients currently dealing with breach of contract matters. Our corporate clients have benefited from our representation in cases in which agreements not to divulge trade secrets or other protected information have been violated by a former employee. On the other hand, our lawyers also represent workers who are struggling to find work due to an unreasonably exigent covenant not to compete from a former employer.


Restrictive Covenant

A restrictive covenant limits what a given party in a contract can do with a property either after buying or while renting. These covenants also give surrounding or adjacent property owners the right to enforce the terms of the covenant as they apply to them.

Typically, restrictive covenants are imposed by land developers and meant to be upheld by property buyers or owners. They may include terms such as limiting dwelling use to single-home residences or forbidding commercial activity on the property. Violators of such covenants may be subject to legal action on the part of any beneficiaries of the covenant terms. The specificity of language in covenants is paramount in these cases and only an experienced restrictive covenant lawyer can provide adequate review and representation.


Employment Litigation

Employment litigation can refer to a broad array of legal disputes arising from alleged misbehavior or breach of contract on the part of either employees or businesses. In addition to breach of contract and covenant not to compete disputes, as mentioned above, our lawyers also handle employment litigation cases that involve discrimination, harassment, whistleblowing and wrongful discharge.


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