Brain Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia & South Jersey

brain injury lawyer philadelphia

Brain Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia & South Jersey

If you’re struggling in the aftermath of a serious brain injury, you need a team of personal injury lawyers that you can count on to fight for the compensation you rightfully deserve. Cronin Trial Lawyers is committed to representing injury clients throughout the Philadelphia area who have suffered physical injuries due to the intentional or negligent acts of others.

Approximately two million people sustain head injuries every year. Most injuries are mild, but traumatic brain injuries (TBI), on the other hand, can lead to a lifetime of challenges. Our brain injury lawyers in Philadelphia can help you and your family feel a sense of relief as you strive to recover from such a serious setback. Below, we discuss some of the most common types of cases that we take on involving a victim who has experienced a brain injury:


Car accident. As the number one cause of brain injuries, car accidents can lead to significant brain trauma as a result of the victim’s head hitting an object (such as the dashboard) or by something going through the skull and piercing the brain. Such a devastating accident can give rise to troubling psychological and physical complications. Consult a lawyer with experience in both car accident injury and brain injury cases.

Although victims may have to cope with these types of issues for the rest of their lives, they can do so comfortably— and without financial hardship—by turning to the attorneys here at Cronin Trial Lawyers. We’ll fight hard to pursue just compensation and to make sure that whoever caused the accident is held responsible.


Construction injury. According to a recent report from NIOSH, construction workers sustain more traumatic brain injuries than employees at any other type of work environment in the U.S. If you’ve been injured on a jobsite and suffered brain trauma as a result, it’s time you speak with our team of construction injury lawyers.

It’s important that you receive the medical care and money you deserve after an accident like this. Whether you need help through the process of making a workers’ compensation claim, or bringing forth a third-party lawsuit, our brain injury lawyers can help you and your family.


Medical malpractice. Cerebral anoxia and hypoxia are medical terms used to describe an insufficient amount of oxygen supply to the brain. While hypoxic defines a partial lack of oxygen, anoxic, on the other hand, refers to a complete shortage. Usually, the more serious the deprivation, the more severe the damage to the brain and so the more intense the outcome. A diminished oxygen supply can lead to serious problems in cognitive skills, as well as in physical, psychological and other abilities.

It’s unfortunate that on rare occasions the medical professionals that patients trust to perform operations can sometimes cause more harm than good. When you turn to our Philadelphia and New Jersey brain injury lawyers, however, we’ll help prove that medical malpractice had occurred and ensure the medical error is counterbalanced with a considerable compensation.


Truck accident. If you were the victim in an accident involving a large truck, and now suffer from complications associated with a traumatic brain injury, our lawyers are here to help. There’s absolutely no reason for you to feel compelled to live the rest of your life without the money and medical attention you need to cope with the resulting cognitive, psychological or physical problems.

Whether you were hit from behind while waiting at a light, T-boned, sideswiped or hit head on, we’ll fight to prove that your traumatic injury is the result of another’s careless driving or complete negligence. You can trust we’ll take all the necessary measures to aggressively pursue a fair payout, as well as the medical attention you need to manage your condition and ensure the wellbeing of each of your family members.


Motorcycle accident. There’s no doubt that motorcyclists are at an especially high risk of suffering head injuries in an accident, considering their lack of protection compared to driver in passenger vehicles. Even so, they’re still entitled to compensation following an accident that was not their fault. Victims of motorcycle accidents can suffer from minor brain injuries like concussions, or more severe and devastating injuries requiring rigorous, long-term care.

Our brain injury lawyers have experience with all sorts of motorcycle accidents and the traumatic brain injuries they typically entail. We’ll do everything possible to protect you and your family from the financial hardship that can soon follow.

If you’ve been involved in any of the types of accidents mentioned above, or any other accident that has led to brain injury, make sure you contact Cronin Trial Lawyers today.